01 Jul '18

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There’s No Immigration ‘Crisis’ at the Border

In cities across the country today huge groups reignited their pressure against Donald Trump’s inhumane immigration strategy.

Motivated by pictures of children isolated from their families at the U.S. southern border, they marched, held signs, chanted and demanded some reasonable … Read More

09 May '18

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Trump ‘breeding a climate of fear ‘ for immigrants

A new study from the nonprofit Migration Policy Institute is saying Donald Trump’s administration’s recent crackdown on immigrants is “breeding a climate of fear as an enforcement tool.” Obviously, this is a concerning tactical change on the part of … Read More

07 May '18

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Fact-checking Trump’s Recent Claims on Immigration

The Washington Post recently took the time to delve into Donald Trump’s most recently claims regarding immigration policy. They focused on his claims regarding sanctuary cities and the infamous “border wall.”

As it turns out, this administration’s penchant for falsehoods … Read More