May 7, 2018

Fact-checking Trump’s Recent Claims on Immigration

As usual, Donald Trump hasn't been honest about his accomplishments, or those who oppose him

The Washington Post recently took the time to delve into Donald Trump’s most recently claims regarding immigration policy. They focused on his claims regarding sanctuary cities and the infamous “border wall.”

As it turns out, this administration’s penchant for falsehoods in all fields continues across these two topics.

Sanctuary Cities

In the case of sanctuary cities, Trump claims leaders have intentionally subverted ICE when they do not let authorities know when an immigrant is released. As usual, he blames the Democrats primarily for this. The administration points mainly to liberal states like California where there are more “sanctuary cities.” However, there’s no legal requirement that local or state authorities let officials know when they’ve released anyone. There never has been.

As the Post says, in order to maintain trust with their communities, it’s often beneficial for local officials to not alert ICE in every situation.

The Border Wall

As for the border wall, Trump has perhaps been his most dishonest. At least when it comes to immigration. Trump has claimed more than a dozen times that the border wall is being built now. Not only is it not being built,┬áthe border wall hasn’t been funded by Congress to its full extent.

What exists now across the southern border is only a fence. That’s hardly the huge concrete wall that Trump promised during the 2016 election.

Arguably, the border wall will never be a thing Texans will have to worry about because the mid-term elections prove to shift Congress and The Senate more left than years past.

If you’re looking to keep up with immigration news, stick with us. We’re going to be taking more time to inform the Austin and San Antonio communities of the latest developments that could impact them.

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