July 1, 2018

There’s No Immigration ‘Crisis’ at the Border

In cities across the country today huge groups reignited their pressure against Donald Trump’s inhumane immigration strategy.

Motivated by pictures of children isolated from their families at the U.S. southern border, they marched, held signs, chanted and demanded some reasonable conclusion to the separations.

The national outrage against the Trump administration’s division and confinement of transient families at the southern U.S. border has not eased up as of late. Trump’s so-called “zero tolerance” approach has prompted authorities to isolate in excess of 2,000 kids from their families. In an official statement a week ago, Trump ended family divisions at the border. Instead, he chose to lock up guardians and children together for an indeterminate amount of time.

To legitimize the brutal migration crackdown, Trump and other individuals from his organization have over and over again lied or made unsupported claims about undocumented foreigners, U.S. migration strategy and what is occurring at the border.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that there is a “crisis at the border.”

The only crisis is the one that is of his administration’s doing.

Facts provided by the U.S. Border Patrol’s own data show that they are not really catching an usually large number of immigrants along the U.S. southern border.

In fact, the administration’s measurements for 2018’s first half, the rate of unapproved passages, while higher than last year’s, are very consistent with rates in the course of recent years. The group captured 51,900 individuals at the southwest border in May 2018, 19,900 in May of 2017 and 55,400 in May of 2016.

The simple truth is that Trump is creating a fake crisis so that he can exert unilateral authority at the border. It’s a strategy not unlike many dictators and other authoritarian figures of the past.

Stay vigilant, stay questioning what you may read from the Trump administration.

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